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location: seattle, WA
label: Home recorded culture
press: Spring lands in the company of the most important talents this town (Seattle) has produced in rece... more.
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"One of my first memories, if not the very first, is the Federales surrounding the van with their machine guns and German Shepherds." That true story as documented in his folk/Americana/ epic "Culiacan", about his step father the drug runner, became kind of the genesis for this fourth album from Colin Spring. Much like the classic 70's legends he emulates, Colin is capable of dragging us into his unconventional world to smell the smells and take a look around. It’s a real world, dirty, desperate, auspicious, idealistic, impulsive and calculated. It is polished and worldly and yet maintains all the warts of crude and beautiful folk art. You come in here for the narrative and leave with a piece of proletariat wisdom. It is a testament to the scope of his songwriting that Colin has shared bills with such a wide array of artists including Ben Harper, the Offspring, Richard Buckner, Damien Jurado, Johnny Dowd, Gerald Collier, Stuart Davis, the Gentlemen (Chris Ballew,Duff McKagen), Michael Miller, Jon Langsford of the Mekons and Bobby Bare Jr.