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the silent type

location: richmond, VA
label: Limekiln Records
press: Slow, melancholic, and reflective, The Silent Type is as calm and gentle as their moniker hints at. ... more.
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The Silent Type began in the latter half of 2000 as a solo recording project that hoped to one day blossom into a fully functioning band. Over the course of the next year and a half, the Silent Type cycled through a rotating cast of band members and recorded a demo and a split release with Richmond-based Gregor Samsa. Finally, in the early months of 2002, the Silent Type solidified into an actual, real-life band. The membership of said band now includes Amber on piano / violin, Billy on bass, Evan on cello, Jared on drums, Nathan on guitar and vocals, and Pete on guitar. Others have compared the Silent Type to Red House Painters, Bright Eyes, Will Oldham, Songs:Ohia, Mogwai, Kings of Convenience, and Neutral Milk Hotel.