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daytime hero

location: seattle, WA
agent Rob
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Daytime Hero formed in late 2001. Kevin and Andy had been making music together in different projects for several years before encountering Jake and completely solidifying the band as a three piece. The name came shortly after, and with a CD already in the making, Daytime Hero began to play their first several shows as a trio. The band then decided to expand both the sound and stage presence by taking on a second guitarist. After auditioning a slew of local guitarists, the talented and witty Joe was chosen. Now a powerful four piece, the band continues to play more and more shows as the name circulates the Seattle scene. The first Lp, somewhere between life's little moments, is now complete and the band embarks on their first tour in July. What is Daytime Hero: We are a dedicated and hard working band that delivers a fresh new sound and that wants nothing more than to go as far as their music will allow-music is their life and they intend to succeed in it.