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Feeling all of the feels for all of you artists & musicians out there. Take care of yourselves, and hope we can perform music again sooner than later!
Romanian competition tries to shut us down
Looks like a *new* rival booking agency in Romania has tried to illegally shut us down. (And they stole our name!!!) We've been operating under this name for decades. Luckily we beat the Romanians and we're still up and running. Our rival agency must be Trump & Putin fans since they like to meddle in American affairs.....
Now filling in dates for the Aug / Sept Chris McFarland tour, Please send your avails to Rob if interested!
Now filling in dates for the At the Spine tour for March 2012! Please get in touch with Rob if you can help with any shows....
Watch out for the Chris McFarland tour coming this January 2012 - Booking dates now!
Goldenboy west coast tour coming up February 2011 - solidifying dates very soon! Send any offers or ideas to
It has recently come to our attention that a former intern of ours has been using the Haywire name to book tours without our authorization.

If you ever have any doubts about the legitimacy of a tour, please make sure the tour is listed on our site, on both the shows and band pages. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

Right now we have very limited space for tours, but please feel free to get in touch with any ideas!
We are gearing up for the summer tour season, please get your tour requests in asap!
Reserve your spring / summer tours now! If interested in an internship please send email to
Jeff Hanson 1978-2009

Jeff will be greatly missed. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.


It is always unfortunate when a van is broken into and equipment is lost, especially in these trying times. Please read below about an unfortunate incident that took place on April 10th in Portland, Oregon. If anyone can help this band find their equipment please send an email to and I'll forward it to the band -- any information will help - thanks in advance!!

Invisible Orchestra played our first Portland show on April 10th, and directly afterwards, someone stole our shit! our bass, amp head and suitcase full of effects pedals was stolen on the night of April 10th, 2009 out of a van parked on SE Belmont and 15th area in Portland. The bass was a Guild B-302 A-S (a rare model because of the stereo out feature), blonde wood with a black pickguard, is lists the model on the headstock.the bass case had blue lining. a stupid Jesus fish on it. The effects case had a trade-up music sticker, and a sticker on it, old town music, and a bush sticker. The head was a David Eden World Traveler (94-96) with Bueno sticker on it, the top-right pot was broken off, and the back volume out has the color piece of the knob broken off, still has made in USA sticker on the bottom of the housing, the pedals were: a boss chromatic tuning pedal, and a Russian big muff with the 9-volt battery wires spliced and repaired. there were also tools in the case that contained the pedals, an allen wrench set, etc. If you see any of these items for sale, please let us know, and do not buy them as they are stolen. Thank you, The Invisible Orchestra

check out our current spring tours for Chris Mcfarland and Bearhead - and also we are in the beginning phases of booking the 25th anniversary tour for the Vampire Lezbos (quite possibly the world's only raw, organic vegan political punk band) coming summer 2009 - drop an email to Rob if you are interested in bringing them near you.
MOVING IS NEVER WITHOUT A HITCH: For the past week or so we've been moving both our site and email to a new host server. There have been some problems, so if there is any functionality issue with the haywire site, or a problem with an email, or anything else that seems out of the norm - please feel free to send an email to - and thanks for your patience through this transition. Please get your summer tours on the books soon! Anyone interested in an internship please contact
Happy New Year! Please get in touch for spring and summer tours asap - and as always if interested in an internship please send an email to
WHERE DID WE GO? Careful observers may have noticed that the Haywire website completely disappeared off the internet for about 2 months. Unfortunately we were destroyed by a hacker. We have now recovered (crossing fingers) and are back up and running. Everyone that has sat waiting patiently through this disaster deserves a huge thanks for the support! We are taking submissions for interns currently - if interested please send an email to
A TOURING BAND'S WORST NIGHTMARE: On Sunday July 20th, 2008, The Prids, an amazing band from Portland OR, had a tire blow out en route to LA causing their van to spin out of control and roll. All 4 members plus 2 significant others had to be hospitalized near Fresno CA. Their van and much of their equipment was destroyed. You can read more here:

A special paypal account has been set up to help out and donate directly to The Prids. You can send a donation directly to "". There have been so many generous donations made already as well as fundraisers organized and the band is extremely thankful! However, help with mounting expenses is still badly needed. There are still thousands of dollars in hospital bills to help cover (most of the group doesn't have health insurance!) If you can't help out monetarily, please repost this info on your blogs, etc. Thanks!

reserve your late fall or winter tour now, we have very limited room!
Our summer tours are filling up fast - get in touch soon if you are planning a summer outing.... As always, anyone interested in an internship please email
Happy Holidays! Anyone interested in an internship please email
Hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Anyone interested in an internship please email
A new information page on the Haywire site is now in the works: "Alternative Fuel Options for Petroleum-Free Tours" ..... that being said - plans are being made for the 2nd haywire tour on 100% waste vegetable oil: the Chris Mcfarland / Goldenboy package tour in may. Our first was Constants from Boston in their amazing veggie bus. Anyone interested in more information on pro-environment / anti-war ways of fueling your van for tour please feel free to hit Rob up with any questions. And as always anyone interested in an internship please email ---- Reserve your summer tours ASAP!
We are very pleased to announce our new intern manager - Chris Webster! Happy holidays everyone and anyone interested in doing an internship can drop chris a line at
reserve your spring tours now! For internship details email
Now reserving tours for the winter '06 / '07 season. Sorry, summer and fall tour slots are all full! Still taking interns, if interested email
Anyone getting ready to leave for tour lately that happens to glance at a gas station sign and read the gas prices probably ends up feeling quite uneasy! Haywire would like to encourage touring bands (and all americans in general) to look into alternative fueling options. Constants are on tour right now in a diesel bus converted to run off vegetable oil. In Portland OR right now the price of Biodiesel is now lower than both petroleum diesel and unleaded!!! Rob has been doing a lot of research into biodiesel & vegetable oil fueling options lately so if anyone has any questions or thoughts please drop him a line....
Sad news: haywire agent Gina Gregerson has had to step down from her booking duties due to her father becoming extremely ill. Thanks for all of your work Gina and you and your father will definitely be in all of our thoughts.
Reserve your summer tour soon! We are now looking at august and beyond and those months are filling up fast.

We still are taking intern applications: Anyone interested please email (you can work from any location).

Welcome to spring 2006! We still are taking intern applications: Anyone interested please email (you can work from any location).

Also check out this amazing benefit show being put on by haywire's chris webster. She needs all the help she can get so please get in touch if you have some spare time to share:

All-night, all-ages, all-metal concert
(date and venue TBA)
Benefit concert for Portland mental health non-profits
100% of proceeds go to:
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Outside In

For more information, visit
Volunteers and sponsors needed asap.
Contact Chris Webster - or call 971-275-6815.

Anyone interested in an internship at Haywire please email
reserve your spring and summer tour ASAP - we are booking into mid april right now. Happy Holidays!
Our Tour Avails section is finally up and running - any haywire bands that want to be added to this please get in touch with one of the agents. We have some sad news: 2 of our agents are leaving: Jenny & Marci - we'd like to thank them for all of their hard work, and wish them well in the future. You both will be greatly missed!
warm welcome to all our new interns: elektra, matt, barry, andrew & frederic!!
HELP WITH NETWORKING FOR KATRINA VICTIMS: I have been contacted by victims of Katrina that still have no place to stay, and am trying to make use of my contacts in the area to find crashpads for those that need them. If you can either help with this, or are someone in need of a safe haven, please contact me at
We're currently booking tours starting in mid-December and beyond. Reserve your tour dates now before our agents' schedules fill up!
Welcome to Bradley and Erin, our newest Haywire Booking Interns! If you're interested in being an intern for Haywire, please contact Jenny at: for more details.

We're currently booking tours starting in mid to late November. If you're interested in having Haywire book a tour for your band, send us an email at: We're always interested in taking on new bands!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the creation of our new intern program and we are now at an all time high with 12 interns and 4 agents!! Thanks to Jenny for managing this program and making it all possible - and also a huge thanks to all of the current interns, agents and our genius webmaster Jeremiah Bascue! Our newest interns are Unique, J.D., Jared, Andrew & David.
We have some new interns: Please welcome Carly, Chelsea & Patrick to Haywire!!
GUITAR THEFT IN AUSTIN: Setting Sun had their guitar stolen from their show at the redrum in Austin TX on 5/2/05. Fortunately security cameras snapped photos & movies of the Thief. If anyone in the Austin area knows anything about the identity of this person please either email or call Gary from setting sun @ 845-853-4284 --- footage of the thief is here: any help anyone can give would be amazing - PLEASE FORWARD this message to anyone you know in austin & also posting this (with the picture of the thief would be great) on Austin forums & websites would also be super cool.
We'd like to give a warm welcome to our newest interns - Leon Monroe & Gina Gregerson.
We have a lot of new acts to welcome: From Kill Rock Stars records we are going to be booking an early summer tour for Nedelle, from Dopamine Records we have Eyes Like Knives (check them out at SXSW) and from Radar Recordings we have 4 new bands: Junius (if you can help, Junius has a lot of dates needing to be filled in march), Seneca, Constants & Baby Boy H!!!! We also have some belated welcomes to Setting Sun (planetary group PR), Model A, The Dalloways, Irradio (greyflight) & Dormlife (Post436 records). Check the shows page for many tours in the upcoming months!!
We would like to give a warm welcome to all of our new interns: Tyler, Morgan, George, Tracy & Minnesota Rob. Our summer tour spots are going fast -- we are already into June & July, so get in touch soon if you are looking for a summer tour.
Reserve your summer tour ASAP!! We are booking into may right now, so please get in touch before all of our available spots fill up!! Anyone interested in an internship please contact the booking manager Jenny here:
We have 2 more new interns!!! A warm welcome to Kat Terran & Gary Jimmerson!!
We have another new intern: Angelo De Ieso II, please give him a warm welcome! And we also have a myspace site now, if you want to link to us:
Please welcome Ryan Kojan, who's going to be interning with us from Eugene, OR.
Please extend a warm welcome to Outlie, which is a new band fronted by Luke Pabich of Good Riddance. Watch for tours from them in the near future! In addition we are welcoming 2 new interns to the haywire team: Joe & Baltazar. Their email addresses are available on the contact page. Finally, if anyone can help with our august tours, we are still looking for help with shows for Chris Mcfarland, and the Southerly / Andi Camp package tour.
We're looking for interns! If you or anyone you know is interested in learning how to book a tour for a band, let us know! Intern program is four months long with possibility of becoming a booking agent when program is completed. For more information, contact Jenny, Haywire Booking Manager, at
We'd like to give a warm welcome to the 2 new haywire booking interns: marci & jackie. You can find their emails on the contact page. We have a ton of summer tours going on right now, so if you can help with any of the acts, please let us know.
Canada, as much as we love you - your border patrol sucks!!! 4 bands in 2 months have had tours or shows cancelled because of canadian border officials. This is ridiculous. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to avoid this happening, please drop us a line. And anyone that can help the Conversation for all of may (since the whole month cancelled due to canada border patrol) that would really help us out. NO NEW TOURS, NO NEW BANDS UNTIL NOVEMBER 2004 or after!!!! Please help with all of the june tours: Lock and Key (deep elm), the apology, southerly (always on tour), conversation (always on tour), avenue of the strongest, chris mcfarland, the autumn rhythm. Also go out and see FLATTBUSH who have been added to FEAR FACTORY's west coast tour in may. All of you interested in being a booking intern, we have finally finished designing our booking intern program!! This is available for school credit even if you like. Please email secret agent jenny if interested!
We have 2 amazing Rise Records tours that need help filling in the last few holes, especially in the eastern / southern half of the US. If anyone can help please email !!! Please check out the show pages for either the clarity process / her candane package tour or the everyday victory / watch it burn package. We also could use some help for the slackjaw / snowdrift package tour in California & southern Oregon as well as filling in the This Is a Process of A Still Life / Burke Jam tour in the Northwest. Once again, NO NEW TOURS or ACTS until OCTOBER. all booked up. sorry!!
Due to an overwhelming number of applicants, Haywire will not be taking on any new acts or tours until october 2004.
We'd like to welcome Jenny Estrada to the haywire booking team. Jenny will be taking care of the confirmed shows & information gathering part of the booking job. If you need to reach her for any reason you can at We have a couple of tours coming up in CANADA - for Peluka (Feb/Mar) & the Conversation (april) so any canadians that can help us with contacts or shows would be much appreciated, and we can help you down in the US.
Matt Mendez is no longer with Haywire Booking, and also no longer has email. To contact him about any issues, please call him at 503/232-4958.
Agent Matt Mendez is no longer with Haywire Booking. Any inquiries can be directed toward Robert (see contact page) or you can also contact Mike Desjean at - thanks!!
We have taken on a new agent as an intern: Everyone welcome Mike Desjean to the haywire booking team! Mike plays in a band called Dreaming Of Tanks and has been the tour manager for bands such as No Knife, Spite and Clutch. It may take a few days for him to be in the contact area of the site, but if you need to contact him involving a show, here is his email:
A tragic day for the portland music scene: Deepest sympathy to the surviving members, friends & family of the exploding hearts.
Unfortunately, Twinstar has broken up and their August tour is now cancelled. Stay tuned for new projects from them.
The Silent Film Stars have blown out their transmission in Glenwood springs CO and may have to cancel some shows - possibly the rest of their tour. Everyone wish them luck through this horrible event.
News: The Gunfighter June tour and also the Dexter Danger June tour have both been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.
Welcome to summer tour craziness!! First off in June, we have a couple tour cancellations to report: Avenue of the Strongest has had to cancel their june tour due to losing their drummer and not yet finding a replacement, and the Broke have decided to postpone their july tour due to monetary constraints. Any help anyone can give with the tours that have not been cancelled will be most appreciated. Also note that we are not taking on any more summer tours, plan on october if you are looking to schedule a tour.
More tour disasters: It hasn't been a good week for luck on tours. Woke up falling just blew a head gasket in South Dakota and may have to cancel almost the entire end of their tour. Wish them luck! Also the Plains got all of their guitars stolen in San Francisco near the Edinburgh Castle on Monday night. They will have to cancel a show or 2 while they try to recover from this loss. If anyone has any information about this horrible incident please let us know. They sure would like to recover their equipment.
Good news: Woke up falling is back on the road now, after many days of set backs because the the transmission blow out in Denver. We have some tours coming up in August for Joel R.L. Phelps (package with treasure state and mines) and Baleen (first part of their tour with the K-word.) Check out the june tours for silent film stars, dexter danger, andi camp, at the spine, gunfighter, crosstide, avenue of the strongest & our cure the rocketship - if you can help with any of these get in contact with us.
Bad news: Woke up falling blew out their transmission in Denver and have been dead in the water for a couple of days. They are going to try to get it fixed asap but may miss a few shows in the process. Try and get out there to support them as they really will need your help to get ahead after this huge repair bill!! Still trying to fill the last few dates of their tour, and also the plains tour so if you can help with either one of those bands let us know.
4/14/03 Dexter Danger singned to Orange Peal Records
Congratulations to Dexter Danger. They recently inked a deal with Orangepeal Records out of Fremont, CA. Check the calendar for updates on their Western States Tour in June and July.
If you are in the northwest US you should come out to the final slackjaw shows with Eric. This will be a big event - the shows are listed on the shows page. There is one in Portland OR on friday april 11th (with haywire supporting acts Andi Camp and the Reduction Method) and 2 more in spokane WA on sat april 12th. Eric is leaving after 10 years in the band. Also there are a ton of tours in april, may & june!!! - as always any help is welcomed. We have been helping the broke out with their april tour holes so check out their dates and see if you can help.
Hope all is well for everyone!! Andalusia just got snowed in near Denver so they may have to cancel a couple shows ---- hopefully it will clear up soon. Rob is getting pretty booked up for summer tour submissions, but Matt is now accepting press kits for tours - so email him if you are interested. Thanks once again to everyone that helped with the March tours - there are quite a few bands out there on tour so go check them out. (With the price of gas now --- they really need your support!!) Right now anyone that can help with the late april / may tours for woke up falling, the plains & the k-word please email Rob. Also - anyone with any ideas of how to get rid of that fool in the White House please share your thoughts with us!!
We'd like to welcome a new booking agent to the Haywire agency - Matt Mendez! Everyone try to give him a break as he's the new guy - but it all should work out great. He is taking submissions for tours as you read this so email him if you're a band and interested. The Andalusia tour is finished now, but if anyone can help with the Daytime hero, Silent Film Stars, Andi Camp or Dempsey tours in March it would be most appreciated. As always the shows entitled "help" are the ones we're looking to fill.
Crosstide is out on tour now, check them out if you are in AZ, CA or NV... We are working hard on the March tours for Andalusia, Dempsey, Andi Camp, Daytime hero and The Silent Film Stars so if you can help with any of the dates labeled "help" or "pending" please email us soon and let us know as it is getting down to the line now. ALSO FOR ALL OF YOU IN OREGON ---- There is a new LAME Oregon law that states minors cannot be in bars at all, even to perform and this is really hurting touring bands coming through if they have a minor in the band. Anyone that has any thoughts or wants to try to help with an effort to change this law back to how it used to be please drop us a line.
Still finishing up the crosstide tour so if you are in California and can help - let us know! Also Mike Walker needs a show on mon Feb 10 in the seattle WA area and also one on Feb 15th in the Eugene OR area. Big news on Woke Up Falling - Pabst Blue Ribbon found the PBR video game on their site and is going to put a link to it from the official PBR site. If anyone has time to check out this video game they should - it's hilarious. Just go to the band section and click on their home site. Also on this beer topic: PBR officials confirmed that Portland OR is the PBR capital of the world... (most sales of PBR out of any city!) You thought it was true, but now you KNOW it's true.
The site is up and running. There are a few sections still in development right now but we are working on them. Let us know what you think about everything. Check out Mike Walker on tour right now, and Crosstide will be leaving in a few weeks for a California tour. Spring & summer tours are in the works for Woke Up Falling, Bel & the Dragon, The K-Word, Congress Of The Cow, Daytime Hero, Andalusia, Dempsey & The Silent Film Stars.
have just taken on Portland's Crosstide, doing a tour for them in California, and we are planning a couple special slackjaw shows in April (Eric's final shows)
the booking site is coming along!!! Tours are planned in Jan of 2003 for Bel and the Dragon and Mike Walker, and March 2003 for Andalusia. We've also been trying to get some last minute help for the hollowpoints from Seattle for their November tour.
Matt Mendez is no longer with Haywire Booking, and also no longer has email. To contact him about any issues, please call him at 503/232-4958. Anyone interested in interning for the agency please drop us a line.